ESN Lisboa and Secret City Trails joined forces to provide you more cultural activities during your Erasmus in Lisbon.

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Discover a city while playing a game!
Stroll around a city while solving a trail of (mysterious) riddles. Think: outdoor escape room and modern scavenger hunt.


What you'll find along the route:

- Best hidden gems and secrets of the city
Unconventional sightseeing. Learn about the city, its secret spots and its history, all in your smartphone’s browser! And the best part? No crowds or tourist traps!

- Your inner Indiana Jones!
You'll have to solve riddles to unlock stories about the places and city highlights, all of this while doing a workout walking around the beautiful city you are studying in.

- Places that locals love and go to!
We also share with you our local recommendations, from the real hidden to the best trendy places (that locals go to!).


What kind of adventure are you looking for?
- Be it a pub crawl, foodie trail or a Port wine game. We've got you covered!
- An unconventional date - to take your Tinder match to! - and put your riddle solving skills to the test.
- A game to play with your visitors - they'll think you're the BEST tour guide!
- An easy stroll around the city while enjoying wicked street art!
- Or a game that will make you an expert on the history of the city you currently live in.




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