Universidade de Lisboa

The history of the University of Lisbon starts in 1290, with the recognition from the pope as “General Studies of Lisbon” Nowadays, it’s considered the biggest university in Portugal and one of the biggest universities in Europe. The University of Lisbon welcomes around 8.932 international students per year, coming from more than 100 countries.




Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Created as an answer for the higher education needs in Portugal, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa was established in 1973. NOVA University is decentralized, which means all the faculties enjoy a high degree of autonomy. This university currently welcomes more than 20.077 students and 1.800 teachers and researchers. 





Universidade Lusíada

Created in 1986, the Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa is one of the biggest private universities in Portugal. Leading by their diverse education options, this university is part of the Fundação Minerva- Cultura - Ensino e Investigação.





Universidade Católica 

During their 50 years of existence, the Universidade Católica de Lisboa developed a strategy of teaching marked by the international education demands and inspired by the traditions of the Catholic universities. This university focus on the ability to educate capable and professional citizens, experienced in dealing with the world transformations. 




The ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa it’s a public higher education institution, created in 1972. It intends to develop with higher standards of quality, the fields of business, social sciences, technology, and architecture. Nowadays, ISCTE presents a decentralized structure with 4 schools, 16 departments, and 8 research unities. 





Politécnico de Lisboa

The Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa develops its diverse activity between 6 Schools dedicated to the fields of arts, business, health sciences, communication, education, and engineering. It was created in 19856 to provide recognized professional education to our country.  







Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

The University Autónoma de Lisboa was created in 1985. Considered the antiquest private university in Portugal, as more than 30 years of experience in the education community. This university offers education in the fields of social sciences, engineering, business, and health. 






Universidade Europeia 

Since 2013, the Universidade Europeia offers students access to a quality higher education. This university it’s distinguished by its innovation capability and different academic structure. It provides academic knowledge in the fields of Tourism & Hospitality, Sports & Health, Management & Law, Marketing & Communication, and Design & Technology.