What is the Buddy Program?

Imagine how it is when you arrive in a new place, knowing very little about the language and culture and not knowing anyone. With that in mind, we decided to offer you this Buddy Program, where we pair incoming students with students who have lived in Lisbon for a while. So, whether you are from our city or are coming on Erasmus, you can participate in this program and have a great time here with a new friend!

Do you want to be part of this program?

I want a local buddy

Are you an incoming student looking for someone to help you around the city? Maybe you have questions concerning university, transports or something else entirely. Or what if you just want someone to tell you where are the best spots in town? If that's the case, this program is for you!

I'm a local student

Are you a student who has been living in Lisbon for a while? Do you want to help someone get around in our city? In that case, we welcome you to join our Buddy Program!
We are counting on you to help us integrate these incoming students and make them feel welcome in our capital! You can share your knowledge about how things work in Lisbon, show them your favourite places or take them to try our delicious Pastéis de Nata. It's up to you!
And who knows, maybe this experience will result in an amazing friendship!

How can I join?

  • Click on the button below or download our app [Papaya (ESN) on Google Play or App Store]
  • Sign up with Google
  • Fill out the information about you
  • If you are coming to Lisbon, click on the Buddy Program and choose "I need help"
  • If you are a local student, click on the Buddy Program and choose "I want to offer my help"
  • Finally "Save my subscription"
You'll receive a notification when paired with your buddy and we'll give you their contact information so you can get in touch with each other.
Don't be shy and send them a message!

Sign up to our Buddy Program!

Any other questions you might have, feel free to ask us!