The academic year has started a few weeks ago, so you already got around a little bit. Luckily you still have a lot of time to explore this beautiful city.
Classes are over, the semester just finished, however that doesn’t mean it is time to go home, right?! There’s so much to see and our beloved country has so much to offer. Let’s explore it!
These facts may be straight, but they're the only thing that is!
Mental Health Awareness Month
This museums are free until the end of April and you can't miss them! See why!
Warning: Reading this may make you drool !!
Erasmus is a life changing experience, but it also stands for having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of people from all over the world while studying abroad, so taking part of this experience during a global pandemic can be very different - but is it still
Get to know the Traditions of the Portuguese Christmas!
Opinion piece by Shirley Van-Dúnem