Classes are over, the semester just finished, however that doesn’t mean it is time to go home, right?! There’s so much to see and our beloved country has so much to offer. Let’s explore it!


Peneda-Gerês National Park

You’ve probably already heard of it – and I mean, how not?! -, Peneda-Gerês National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. It’s situated right in the north of the country, 100 km from Porto and close to the Spanish border. Over there, you have so much to see, from wild animals such as wolves, badgers, or wild horses to AMAZING landscapes with tons of viewpoints, several waterfalls and a thermal village. 



From north to south, let's finally meet the beautiful widely known beaches from Algarve! From barlavento (=windward) to sotavento (=leeward), it’s incredible the diversity you find from each side. 

Starting from the most western point in the country, Sagres, with its dramatic and breathtaking cliffs; don’t miss the opportunity to visit and pass through Lagos with that crystal clear water and white sand beaches. Head east and relax in the warm temperature of the water, so typical from places such as Tavira or Vila Real de Santo António.


Madeira and Azores

You’re feeling bad because during the semester, you really wanted to get to know the Portuguese islands, such as Madeira and Azores, but final exams and essays got in the middle? No worries, lucky you, they’re not going anywhere! Madeira can be considered a teal mecca of natural swimming pools, lush mountain valleys! On the other hand, Azores and its beautiful, green-ish nine islands will amaze you. Both of them, great destinations for nature lovers and hikers. One of the most amazing things about these two is that most of the landscapes remain untouched and you barely meet a lot of tourists here. Have a poncha and one bolo levedo and enjoy.



Less than an hour away from the capital is the small Portuguese town of Sintra. It’s especially known for its villas and castle ruins. You can visit as a day trip from Lisbon, or if you have time, stay there for a few days as there’s plenty to see and do, such as Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Castelo dos Mouros and much more.


Arrábida Natural Park

Only 30 minutes south across River Tagus to the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and you’ll find white sand and turquoise waters backed by greenery and limestone rocks! In addition to the beaches and beautiful landscapes, the park is also home to numerous species and beautiful caves. The most accessible beaches are Praia da Figueirinha and Praia do Creiro. If I were you, I wouldn’t also miss the opportunity to visit Praia dos Galapinhos – just google it and you’ll know what am I talking about,



Last but not least, our beautiful capital is also worth a visit and during summer it can be particularly good, since the majority of the Portuguese people went south to summer vacays.

If you need any more tips or ideas of places to visit, check out our Instagram, where we post a lot of other different places that you cannot miss in Portugal. Stay tuned!


Maria Madeira