Telecommunications in Portugal

While roaming limitations have been lifted in the European Union, if you are staying in Lisbon for more than a few weeks, it can be convenient to get a Portuguese phone card and make sure you avoid unneeded overcharges while you talk to your friends or family, because 'fair use' conditions mean that your home operator may start to charge you if you exceed a certain amount of data use while abroad.
At ESN Lisboa we offer you a solid mobile phone offer: the YornX Vodafone Card. It is provided by Vodafone, one of the major telecommunications companies in Portugal. The YornX card has been designed for young people and includes many advantages regarding data and app use.

What's the YornX?

The YornX card is a prepaid card valid in Portugal and abroad. You can get it in our office for free!

Benefits of YornX

  • Free use of messaging apps (yes, you don't pay data on those!): WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, iMessage, Facetime, Viper...
  • Free use of social media apps: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook
  • 10.000 minutes, SMS, MMS to other Vodafone numbers, and 5.000 minutes, SMS, MMS to other portuguese numbers.
  • 10GB of mobile data, plus 5GB for Youtube and Twitch
  • Free roaming in the EU
  • Free Apple music until 31.12.2018
  • Partners like Cabify, DriveNow, Domino's, Subway, etc.


The plan costs 2.75€ per week for the first three months, and after that it's 4.99€ per week.

How to get it

  • Come to our office and ask for the Vodafone Yorn X SIMcard