Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Applicability

1.1 These conditions are applicable to being granted access to all events (including trips, daily and night activities) that are organized by ESN Lisboa and that are open or accessible to students in possession of an ESNcard and registered as an ESNcard holder.

1.2 In these conditions, ESN Lisboa consists of the members of the Board and Heads of ESN Lisboa and the General Assembly members that are authorized by ESN Lisboa.

1.3 In these conditions, a participant is an (aspiring) international student following a course or trainership in the city of Lisbon.

1.4 In these conditions, an event is every activity or event organized by ESN Lisboa for ESNcard holders.


Article 2. ESNcard

2.1 ESNcards acquired from ESN Lisboa are valid for 1 year, providing the information and picture displayed on the card are clear and identifiable.

2.2 ESN Lisboa does not sell ESNcards to local (Portuguese) students.

2.3 ESNcards are not refundable.


Article 3. Ticket policy

3.1 ESN Lisboa reserves the right to allow refunding on tickets after they have been sold, on an event to event basis.

3.1.1. Refunds regarding the cancellation of purchased tickets for ACTIVITIES are only given to cancellations made 5 days before the tickets' specified date and TRIPS are only given to cancellations made 10 days before the tickets' specified date, unless stated differently on the event description. In order to receive the refund for cancellations, you must send an e-mail to info@esnlisboa.org. All refunds may be claimed in a maximum period of 1 month.

3.2 The claim to be allowed to an event may be refused when ESN Lisboa or third party venue owners determine that the maximum level of person has been reached during an event.

3.3. Due to waiting lists, students who have purchased a ticket for an event with a waiting list have to ask ESN Lisboa for permission before putting their tickets on sale. Re-selling without permission may not be allowed, and attendants may be refused entry if this were to happen.

3.4. Participants on an ESN Lisboa event will be required to show their ESNcard at the entrance of events if requested so by ESN Lisboa or by security staff at the events, in order to be able to benefit from special discounts and offers. ESNcard holders may be given priority on certain events over non-ESNcard holders on certain activities.

3.5 You must be a holder of a valid ESNcard to access any of ESN Lisboa’s trips, activities or parties, that are not free entrance. You may be asked to make your ESNcard to enter any trip, activity or party, that are not free entrance. Entrance to any of ESN Lisboa’s trips, activities, or parties, that are not free entrance, may be refused if you fail to make a valid ESNcard.

3.6 ESNcard holders have the right to participate in ESN Lisboa’s activities considering all necessary registration and/or purchase of tickets according to the information required to do so.

3.7 Deposits may be claimed after the events' specified date up to 1 month.


Article 4. On-event obligations

4.1 It is forbidden for participants to bring glass, tin, fireworks, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects and illicit drugs to an event.

4.2 Participants are obligated to obey the directions and/or regulations expressed by ESN Lisboa, its organizing partners, venue staff, the security guards or any other authority. Should a participant not comply with these directions and/or regulations, or should he or she be guilty of endangerment, intoxication, threatening and/or violence, he or she can be refused entry to the event and their security deposit can be taken by ESN Lisboa.

4.3 Participants may be obligated to participate in a body search by security guards and third party venue staff.


Article 5. Programme and Circumstances beyond control

5.1 ESN Lisboa’s events programme may be subject to change. ESN Lisboa reserves the right to alter dates of trips, activities and parties reported on www.facebook.com/ErasmusStudentNetworkLisboa

5.2 ESN Lisboa reserves the right to reschedule an event to a later date or to cancel it in the case of any circumstances beyond the control of the organization in the broadest sense of the term, which comprises of but is not limited to appointments not being kept by suppliers, strikes, fire, weather conditions, and instructions by authorized instances or persons.

5.3 ESN Lisboa is not accountable for the independent decisions taken during an event by third-party venue owners regarding entrance, security staff treatment, when they were not consulted beforehand with the organization.


Article 6. Intellectual property and copyrights

6.1 ESN Lisboa is permitted to make photos and/or movies of an event for the purpose of promoting an event. Upon entering an event’s location, the participant and any other volunteers in service of ESN Lisboa give permission to publish these promotional images.

6.2 ESN Lisboa holds the copyright to photos and/or movies of an event that are published. These photos and/or movies are marked with an ESN AISBL approved watermark and cannot be altered by third parties without the approval of ESN Lisboa.

6.3 ESN Lisboa holds the right to remove photos and/or movies of an event that are published. Photos and/or movies of an event will only be placed after careful examination. A person depicted in the photos and/or movies can request the removal of said published material.

Here you can find the Liability Agreement you have to accept when enroling on trips and events of ESN Lisboa.